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Sunday, 24 June 2018
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How to reach Ferrara by plane

The closest airport is the “Guglielmo Marconi” airport in Bologna. It is about 40 km far from Ferrara city centre.

The Bologna airport is the third most important International airport in Italy, served by all major European companies and linked to: London, Paris, Munich, Madrid, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Zurich... This should be the best choice if you want to get to Ferrara by plane. If you land somewhere else, you can still find good connections between Ferrara and the “Marco Polo” airport in Venice, which is 110 km far from Ferrara. Apart from Bologna, this is probably the only feasible choice.

NOTE: be careful that the “L. Ridolfi” airport in Forlì (a small city in the same region of Ferrara and Bologna), which is often referred to by many low-cost companies as “Bologna/Forlì” airport, is unfortunately NOT a good choice to reach Ferrara, since it is 130 km far (and also train connections are not good). It is also NOT recommended to land at the Malpensa airport in Milan or at “Leonardo da Vinci” airport in Rome. Even though they are well connected with the rest of Europe, it will take 4-5 hours to get to Ferrara. If you can not find a suitable plane neither to Bologna nor to Venice, the third choice could be the “Valerio Catullo” airport in Verona. However, from Verona you can only, as a matter of fact, go to Bologna or Venice first and then go to Ferrara as if you were landed there, following the instructions below. In other words, Verona (and even worse Milan or Rome) could be a good solution only if you find a cheap flight and you plan to spend time around Italy :-)

How to reach Ferrara from the airport

From Bologna airport

The recommended way to get to Ferrara is by train. This implies two steps:

-          1) Take the connecting shuttle from the airport to the railway station (about 20 minutes, the ticket will cost you 4.5 euros and can be purchased on board). Alternatively you may prefer to get a cab. This will be faster and more expensive than the shuttle (it will cost you about 10-15 euros).

-          2) Take a train to Ferrara. Trains connecting Ferrara and Bologna are frequent (every 30 minutes) and inexpensive. You may want to take an inter-regional train (in Italian “Interregionale”, usually classified as “IR” on the screens at the train station). This will cost you 4.5 euros for a first class ticket or 2.95 euros for a second class ticket. The journey takes about 33 minutes if you take an inter-regional train, and about 48 minutes if you take a regional train.

NOTE: Inter-regional trains usually run from “Bologna centrale” to “Venezia S. Lucia”. Ferrara is, in fact, approximately between Bologna and Venice (and precisely the second stop from Bologna and sixth from Venice, see below). Other possibilities for trains stopping in Ferrara are: from “Firenze SMN”, “Roma Termini”, “Napoli centrale” and directed to “Padova”, “Udine” or “Trieste”. If this is the case, it is very likely that the train is not “IR” but a long-distance one (Eurostar, or Intercity), so check the train category as the cost is higher and you might need a seat booking.

Below, you can find the scheme of the stops for the Inter-Regional (“IR”) line.

Bologna      S.Pietro     Ferrara    Rovigo  Monselice  Terme Euganee    Padova    Venezia Mestre      Venezia S. Lucia

The train can also be classified as “R” (Regional) which means it will stop at any station, or “D” (Direct), which means it will skip “Terme Euganee” (in case you’re coming from Venice “Venezia S. Lucia”). Otherwise, the train is a long-distance train and its cost is higher.
The only easy alternative is to take a taxi from Bologna airport for the whole trip to Ferrara (in this case, indicate “Stazione dei treni di Ferrara”, i.e., Ferrara railway station, as the destination). The trip is clearly faster, around 40 minutes, but the ride is much more expensive (around 70 euro).

From Venice airport

In this case, the same than for Bologna airport (see above) applies. Also the Venice airport should be linked with most of the major European cities. As a matter of fact, you can only leave by train: Ferrara is too far to be reached by car from there, and also driving around Venice is not that easy. Note that it is more convenient to reach the railway station “Venezia Mestre”, which is indeed closer both to the airport and to Ferrara than “Venezia S. Lucia”. Thus:

-          1) Take the connecting shuttle from the airport to the railway station “Venezia Mestre”, line “FLY BUS” of ATVO or line “15” of ACTV (urban transportation). The cost should be around 3 euro. This can be replaced by a taxi trip, which could cost around 20 euro.

-          2) Take the train from “Venezia Mestre” to “Ferrara”. For this part, refer to what indicated above about the connection between “Bologna” and “Ferrara”, the railway is the same but you take it from “Venezia Mestre”. The cost should be around 5 euros and the trip should last approximately 90 minutes.

How to reach the Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is walking distance (5-10 minutes) from the railway station. To reach it, turn right when exiting from the station and go through “Via S. Giacomo”. This street arrives in front of a canal: cross the bridge and you’ll arrive directly in front of the Engineering Department. The campus is surrounding a main building which is a former sugar production plant, hence it has a very characteristic shape. You can also recognize it from the sign “Università degli Studi di Ferrara – Facoltà di Ingegneria”. The Department is also served by bus line 9.

Useful links

http://www.trenitalia.com/  (train schedules and buy online tickets)
http://www.acft.it (local transportation public enterprise website, with pdf timetables, in Italian)

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